The Anatomy of Fine Bespoke Upholstery

The Anatomy of  fine bespoke upholstery.


When judging a piece of furniture ,think of it as a combination of multiple systems, some of which are visible and some of which are concealed . When you judge furniture's inherent value , the essential thing to know is that each system must be executed perfectly and with equal attention , as they all merge to form an independent whole. At WD Western we know that true value results from the marriage of experience and traditional craftsmanship, applied in concert with the finest quality materials.


The frame encompasses the furnitures rigid foundation . Framing plays a critical role in defining the pitch of the seat and back and the quality of a frames wood components and its construction have an important and direct bearing on the pieces long term enjoyment and durability. WD utilizes only FSC Certified locally sourced solid Alderwood, all hand crafted with traditional old world joinery ,


Hand tied eight way coil and web springing involves a virtually lost craft of constructing an integral part of the comfort and positioning of  beautifully made seating.  Springs are installed and customized to the furniture's designs depth and configuration for the most comfortable support possible. Many manufacturers claim to use the hand-tied technique in general terms , however a closer look reveals that attaining a proper spring loading for a specific design is both a science and an art that few have actually mastered. You will often hear that this chair or sofa features eight way hand tied spring support systems. Keep in mind , however , that the phrase has become a generic description and not a definitive standard. So while mass manufacturers provide a bed of nearly identical interwoven springs, no matter what the design , WD springs each piece on an individual basis depending on the design and desired feel specified by the client.We select the right spring from several different varieties of springs by height and strength, depending on position , to enhance comfort and ergonomically  "sculpt" the piece to the body,and our  springing is further enhanced by using a heavy jute webbing with our artisans then cross tying to eight different points on the springs, which helps secure the springs in a giant web of strength and form. We also take the time to include comfort touches such as inserting soft pads wherever metal touches metal as a buffer to eliminate sound. Springing up of one piece of furniture can take up an entire day, this is part of what makes  WD upholstered seating different and what makes it last a lifetime of comfort and pleasure.


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